I offer career counseling and coaching to help people find their paths… and to help them reach their intended destinations. You may wish to change your career entirely or you may be trying to select a career focus for the very first time. You may be deciding whether to attend or continue with college; you may have completed a graduate degree. You may have a better sense of what you don’t want to do than what you do want to do. All of this information is helpful.


Whether you are feeling stuck, lost, frustrated, or just plain unexcited and unmotivated, career counseling can help you find clarity and direction. If you feel like you have hit a plateau in your current job and you have skills you would like to develop to increase your effectiveness in it, or if you have a career plan filed in the back of your mind for which you have just been “waiting for the right time,” career coaching can help you to get there. Together we will discuss your goals and help you to refine them and achieve them (and of course, it is perfectly fine if your goals may evolve over time). One of my specializations is communication skills; as a licensed speech-language pathologist, I am uniquely suited to help you make sure you are presenting yourself the way you wish.

My background as a clinical psychologist provides a unique perspective in the career counseling world, as I can help you to know yourself better and move toward long-term satisfaction in your career. This background combined with my training as a speech-language pathologist enables me to help you distill and communicate your story with confidence and clarity, and allows me to help you to polish your pragmatic (social) language skills for the workplace – everything from working on interview skills to increasing your comfort with making phone calls and leaving voicemails for strangers when you grew up on cell phones and text messages.

Career counseling and coaching services typically involve an initial session (often referred to as an “intake” session) during which I will gather extensive information about your history and background, and we will discuss your goals. This session is typically somewhat longer than the follow-up meetings. After the initial session, a typical course of services will usually involve several follow-up sessions as well as regular exercises to be completed between meetings.

Career assessment (career testing) may be useful at times during this process, as psychological tests examining one’s interests and personality can often provide useful information related to making career decisions. When these assessments are used, they are carefully selected to be appropriate for each client, and they will be interpreted individually for each person. Results will be provided with a discussion in order to ensure that they will be useful to the client.

I offer telepractice/tele-therapy as part of my practice in appropriate cases through a secure, HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing platform. Due to the current nature of the regulations surrounding this, it is likely that I will be limited to offering online services only within the state of Maryland for the immediate future. Please stay tuned for any updates.

Fees are based on an hourly rate, and there is an additional fee for assessment based on the tests utilized. As a fee-for-service provider, payment is required at the time of service. I accept cash, check, or credit cards. I do not participate in any commercial insurance plans; please bear in mind that insurers typically do not cover career-related services.


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